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Our Origin Story


Every Hero has an origin story right?  This is ours....


What began in 2015 as an addiction to a wonderful hot sauce from a favourite local Roti Shop, became an obsession wrought with trial & error in an attempt to re-create this magical potion.  The best recipes were culled, attempted, analyzed, reworked & ultimately distilled down to their essentials.  This inspiration to re-create resulted in a new creation.  Mojo Peppa Sauce was born - our interpretation of a soulful Classic West Indies Style 'Peppa Sauce'.  Alot has changed since then.....

Our Story Today


We are now an Award-Winning Maker of over 24 Artisan Hot Sauces crafted in Oakville Canada.  Offering everything from Mild to Wild, Mojo Peppa Sauce covers a world of flavours, from the authentic to the eclectic.  We were proudly crowned as the 2022 PROFESSIONAL HOT SAUCE GRAND CHAMPION during our debut at the prestigious ROYAL AGRICULTURAL WINTER FAIR with another 3 sophomore Ribbon Wins for 2023.

With over two dozen distinct flavours, our acclaimed HOTSAUCE BAR Hot Sauce 'Flight' Sampling Experience is the ideal vehicle for a most memorable taste testing, offered at every LIVE EVENT (Trade Shows/Farmers Markets/Pop Ups) we attend for your infotainment & epicurean pleasures.


As an independent Family Business still crafting small-batch deliciousness, our mission is to bring joy, excitement, sentimentality, satisfaction & global unity to the eating experience. 


We look forward to dining with you & your loved ones soon!

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