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Private Reserve

Our Private Reserve products are creations that are limited in production, with availability at the mercy of Mother Nature's Harvest!  So get them while you can when they are in-stock!

MPS 'Mello':   Less Habanero blended with Roasted Red Bell Peppers, Tomatoes & Shitake Extract, makes this a milder sauce.

MPS 'Earthe':   An earthy Sauce featuring White Truffle Oil & Shitake Extract to create our most velvety & luxurious concoction.

MPS 'Noire':   A unique combination of Chocolate Habanero, Black Garlic & Shitake Extract to change your epicurean game forever.

MPS 'Scotche':   A Pure Scotch Bonnet Sauce with fruity Island Vibes.  100% Scotch Bonnet.  100% Legit.

MPS 'Scorche':   A flavourful blend of Habanero & Carolina Reaper.  Think of this as our 'Forte' alternative to satisfy the Heat Seakers.

MPS 'Safran':   An exotic blend of Roast Garlic & Saffron with our signature Habanero heat.

MPS 'Tropique':   Real Mango & Pure Pineapple Juice create an unmatched tropical heat experience.

MPS 'Verde':   Smokey Charred Jalapenos, tangy Tomatillos & savoury Shitake Extract combine to give you bold flavour with our lowest heat.

MPS 'Dijon':   This is the ultimate 'Americana Comfort Food' Habanero Hot Sauce, combining Dijon Mustard & Dill Pickle Juice.

MPS 'Venome':   An enticing blend of Habanero & Scorpion Peppers to make you fall in love at first sting.

MPS 'Louise':   A masterful blend of Habanero & Cayenne Peppers to set a new standard in Louisiana Style Hot Sauces.

MPS 'Jerke':   A Scotch Bonnet Jerk Sauce featuring Brown Sugar & Allspice.

MPS 'Sirache':   We did it with the 'Red Hot', and now we're doing it again with the 'Rooster'.  Sweet, Garlicky & Tangy.  Sriracha re-thunk.  

MPS 'Tajine':   A Moroccan-inspired Habanero Sauce featuring Preserved Lemon, Green Olives, Olive Oil & Ras el Hanout.

MPS 'Tsumamé':   Our most fiery sauce to date, combining Habanero, Ghost, Scorpion & Reaper Peppers with a Shitake twist for a synergy of                                   maximum heat & savouriness.

The Fine Print:


As our product is all-natural, there are slight variations in colour from batch to batch.  Settling commonly occurs as we use no fillers or binding agents, so simply shake before use.


Storage:  Mojo Peppa Sauce should be refrigerated after opening & always kept away from heat sources.  Unopened bottles can be stored in a cool, dark, & dry environment, away from direct light sources.  Shelf life is significantly extended with refrigeration when not in use.  Treat & store Mojo Peppa Sauce like you would a fine white wine.  With proper storage etiquette, opened bottles can last up to a year or longer without spoilage!


Warning:  Although Mojo Peppa Sauce is produced at high temperatures & filled in sterilized virgin bottles subjected to high heat, it is a natural product that is not 100% microbe-free.  Those with immune system deficiencies &/or have adversions to highly spicy foods should refrain from consuming this product.  Use & enjoy at your own risk of this condiment.



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