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The Signature Collection

Legendary International Flavours based on traditional recipes.......decoded & recoded!  An authentically exotic culinary experience every time.

MPS 'Korée':   Savoury, Sweet, & Tangy Korean Chili Habanero Sauce.

MPS 'Sichuen':   Tongue-numbing Sichuan Peppercorn Habanero Sauce.

MPS 'Thaie':   Savoury & Sour Thai Habanero Birdseye Chili Sauce. 

MPS 'Kashmeir':   Tangy & Savoury East Indian Habanero Curry Sauce.

MPS 'Pirée':   Tangy & Savoury Portuguese Piri Piri Habanero Sauce.w

MPS 'Liberté':   Tangy & Savoury Ukrainian Horseradish Habanero Sauce.


The Fine Print:it


As our product is all-natural, there are slight variations in colour from batch to batch. Settling commonly occurs as we use no fillers or binding agents, so simply shake before use.


Storage:  Mojo Peppa Sauce should be refrigerated after opening & always kept away from heat sources.  Unopened bottles can be stored in a cool, dark, & dry environment, away from direct light sources.  Shelf life is significantly extended with refrigeration when not in use.  Treat & store Mojo Peppa Sauce like you would a fine white wine.  With proper storage etiquette, opened bottles can last up to a year or longer without spoilage!


Warning:  Although Mojo Peppa Sauce is produced at high temperatures & filled in sterilized virgin bottles subjected to high heat, it is a natural product that is not 100% microbe-free.  Those with immune system deficiencies &/or have adversions to highly spicy foods should refrain from consuming this product.  Use & enjoy at your own risk of this condiment.



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