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Flavour Redux

What if there was a hot sauce that was 'more' than a sauce, refreshingly unique yet deceptively simple?  A concoction unlike any other that enhanced everything it endorphin rush that makes bland food flavourful, great food amazing, transcending any style of cuisine or nationality.......the one with the Midas touch. One that is equally at home as a table sauce, a marinade, or that 'secret weapon' to take your recipes to the next level........a sauce crafted with so much love, that it oozes pure joy, happiness & satisfaction.   This is Mojo Peppa Sauce.


Necessity is the Mother of Invention


What began as an addiction to a wonderful hot sauce that was often unavailable from a favourite local Roti Shop, became an experiment wrought with trial & error in an attempt to re-create this magical potion.  The best recipes were culled, attempted, analyzed, & distilled down to their essentials.  This quest to re-create resulted in a new creation.  Mojo Peppa Sauce was born.

Engineered to Enhance

Mojo Peppa Sauce is not simply about flavour.  It was engineered to enhance your eating tantalize your palate & appeal to the 5 challenge your taste elevate your meal.  Just when you thought your meal could not get any better, MPS pushes the envelope of enjoyment even further. 


Less Is More


Mojo Peppa Sauce is all about minimalism.  Our philosophy is that the natural flavour of your food should always be the focus, and not the flavour of the sauce.  Your food is the star of the show regardless of which MPS Style you choose.


Mojo Peppa Sauce possesses an inherently tantalizing heat - bold enough for a true hot sauce aficionado, but at the same time, devoid of any distraction to the palate.  It is thus suitable for both the hot sauce 'veteran' or 'novice' alike.  Intense pleasure is our business - not intense pain.  It is bold yet not overly assertive & complimentary with whatever you pair it with.

Balance Is Everything

As part of our 'Legacy Collection' with a focus on purity & transparency, MPS now has a complete Quintet of 5 styles to suit your culinary lifestyle & individual preferences.  Created as a result of end-user feedback, MPS 'Forte' (Ghost Pepper Infused for more burn), MPS 'Sucrée' (Maple Syrup infused for Sweet Heat), MPS 'Zeste' (Citrus Infused for those seeking a 'Zesty' Hot Sauce) & MPS 'Umamé' (Enhanced with Shitake Mushroom Extract for maximum Umami), now join MPS 'Classique' (Our Signature Red Habanero Universal Elixir that put us on the map).  But you didn't think we'd stop there, did you?

And Then There Were Two.....

Driven by culinary impulses & perceived 'holes in the market', what if we could dissect the 'DNA' and essence of Hot Sauces around the world that have become legend and fusing it with our common thread of all MPS Sauces?  Can we create sauces that not only reminded you of your worldly travels and adventurous palates, but also,  literally transport you back to past exotic culinary experiences that you long for?  That has now been achieved with our 'Signature Collection' comprising of another Sextet.  No need to pack your bags!  We will take you there with MPS 'Korée' (Habanero Korean Hot Sauce), MPS 'Sichuen' (Habanero Sichuan Hot Sauce), MPS 'Thaie' (Habanero Thai Hot Sauce), MPS 'Kashmeir' (Habanero East Indian Hot Sauce), MPS 'Pirée' (Habanero Portuguese Hot Sauce), & MPS 'Liberté' (Habanero Ukrainian Hot Sauce).  It is easy to throw around names to suggest a culinary genre.  It's a craft to make it reality.  The 'Signature Collection' is your ticket to spicy flavours.  Distinctly bold & unapologetically authentic!  So, are you ready to travel the world with us?

But Why Stop There?

Product development is always ongoing, and the results can be found in our 'Private Reserve'.  Initially envisioned as limited products with a finite production run, the overwhelming embrace and demand that resulted after their release has now deemed these as 'regular' production items.....although at the mercy of ingredient availability as you would expect from any Private Reserve!  These are truly 'Foodie Sauces', with the likes of MPS 'Mello' (Habanero & Flame-roasted Pepper Blend with Tomato & Shitake Hot Sauce), MPS 'Noire' (Chocolate Habanero with Korean Black Garlic & Shitake Hot Sauce), MPS 'Earthe' (Habanero White Truffle & Shitake Hot Sauce), MPS 'Scotche' (100% Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce), & MPS 'Scorche' (Habanero & Carolina Reaper Blend Hot Sauce), MPS 'Safran' (Habanero with Roasted Garlic & Saffron Hot Sauce), MPS 'Tropique' (Habanero with Mango & Pineapple Hot Sauce), MPS 'Verde' (Charred Jalapeno & Tomatillo Hot Sauce),  MPS 'Dijon' (Habanero with Dijon Mustard & Dill Pickle Juice Hot Sauce), MPS 'Jerke' (Scotch Bonnet Jerk Sauce with Brown Sugar & Allspice), and MPS 'Sirache' (Habanero & Cayenne Sriracha Sauce).

NEW FOR 2023

We have released 3 exciting flavours to our catalog, falling under the 'Private Reserve Collection' for 2023.  The Moroccan-inspired MPS 'Tajine' (Habanero with Preserved Lemon, Green Olives, Olive Oil & Ras el Hanout Hot Sauce), our HOTTEST Sauce to date, MPS 'Tsumamé' (Habanero/Ghost/Scorpion/Reaper Blend with Shitake Hot Sauce) & our latest release, MPS 'Nashville' (Nashville Hot Chicken Inspired Habanero/Ghost/Cayenne/Brown Sugar/Pickle Juice Hot Sauce).

Where Do We Go From Here?

The Journey continues......



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