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The intensity of Roasted Garlic & the floral-like aromatic notes of the world's most expensive Spice combine to give you a Persian-inspired taste adventure in this exotic Habanero Sauce.

INGREDIENTS: Habanero peppers, Water, Onions, Garlic, Vinegar, Saffron, Safflower, Shitake extract, Sugar, Salt, Olive Oil

FOOD PAIRINGS: Kebabs, Ghormeh Sabzi, Osso Buco, Risotto, Arancini, Shawarmas, Mediterranean Foods, Italian Foods, Paella, Souvlaki, Stews, Bouillabaisse, Soups, and much more! 


PRICE: $12.00

DISCOUNTS: 3 Bottles for $33 (8% OFF) | 4 Bottles for $40 (17% OFF) | 5 Bottles or More (25% OFF)


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